Wolves Eat Dogs - Martin Cruz Smith

Wolves Eat Dogs

0.0 0 5 Författare: Martin Cruz Smith Inläsare: Ron McLarty
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ARKADY RENKO RETURNS FOR HIS MOST ENIGMATIC AND BAFFLING CASE: THE DEATH OF ONE OF RUSSIA'S NEW BILLIONAIRES, WHICH LEADS HIM TO THE ZONE OF EXCLUSION - CHERNOBYL, AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS, CLOSED TO THE WORLD SINCE THE NUCLEAR DISASTER OF APRIL 1986. In his groundbreaking Gorky Park, Martin Cruz Smith created one of the iconic detectives of contemporary fiction, Arkady Renko. Cynical, quietly subversive, brilliantly analytical and haunted by melancholy, Renko has survived, barely, the journey from the Soviet Union to the New Russia, only to find his transformed nation just as obsessed with secrecy, corruption and brutality as was the old Communist dictatorship. In Wolves Eat Dogs, Renko enters the privileged world of Russia's new billionaire class. The grandest of them all, a self-made powerhouse named Pasha Ivanov, has apparently leapt to his death from the palatial splendor of his ultra-modern Moscow condominium. While there are no signs pointing to homicide, there is one troubling and puzzling bit of Ivanov's bedroom closet, there's a mountain of salt. Ivanov's demise ultimately leads Renko on a journey through Chernobyl's netherworld. The crimes he uncovers and the secrets they reveal about the New Russia, make for a tense, unforgettable adventure.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Deckare

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Förlag: Simon & Schuster Audio
Utgiven: 2004-11-16
Längd: 6T 16M
ISBN: 9780743567633

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Förlag: Simon & Schuster Audio
Utgiven: 2013-08-15
ISBN: 9781471131127

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