The Philanthropist's Tale - Laurie Marsh

The Philanthropist's Tale

The Philanthropist's Tale

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Laurie Marsh is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs but you’ve never heard of him until now. Here for the first time is the incredible tale of one of the world’s leading philanthropists; from the streets of Lambeth to glamour of LA, it’s a compelling true story of rags to riches, and sharing those riches with others From persuading Disney to license their characters for use on raincoats, to convincing film stars to perform in low budget movies, Laurie has carved success from his confident, entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to life. And much of his success has been shared, his philanthropic work reaching the levels of far more public ‘givers’. Now in his eighties, Laurie still works every day, using his wealth and influence to help as many good causes and charitable organisations as he can, from building community centres to advising the government on how to make the NHS self-sufficient. It’s an inspirational and fascinating story of entrepreneurial success, and commitment to deserving causes. Entertaining, inspiring, educational, Laurie’s story is the unique story of one man’s determination to succeed, then use that success to benefit others.
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Förlag: Urbane Publications Limited
Utgiven: 2016-05-19
ISBN: 9781910692554

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