Peak - Anders Ericsson


4.5086 116 5 Författare: Anders Ericsson Inläsare: Geoffrey Beevers
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Mozart wasnt born with perfect pitch. Most athletes are not born with any natural advantage. Three world-class chess players were sisters, whose success was planned by their parents before they were even born. Anders Ericsson has spent thirty years studying The Special Ones, the geniuses, sports stars and musical prodigies. And his remarkable finding, revealed in Peak, is that their special abilities are acquired through training. The innate gift of talent is a myth. Exceptional individuals are born with just one unique ability, shared by us all - the ability to develop our brains and bodies through our own efforts. Anders Ericssons research was the inspiration for the popular 10,000-hour rule but, he tells us, this rule is only the beginning of the story. Its not just the hours that are important but how you use them. We all have the seeds of excellence within us - its merely a question of how to make them grow. With a bit of guidance, youll be amazed at what the average person can achieve. The astonishing stories in Peak prove that potential is what you make it.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Personlig Utveckling

Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Random House UK
Utgiven: 2016-05-12
Längd: 10T 40M
ISBN: 9781473545915

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