Adelia Aguilar - Ariana Franklin

Adelia Aguilar

4.6 10 5 Författare: Ariana Franklin Inläsare: Diana Bishop
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Since solving a particularly nasty case of child murder using her forensic skills, Adelia Aguilar is deemed too valuable to send back to the School of Medicine in Salerno. Instead, King Henry II has decided to keep her in England. This is bad news for Adelia - in twelfth-century England women doctors are regarded with great suspicion. So, with her illegitimate child, Adelia is forced to live and practise in the secrecy of Cambridgeshires fenland. But at Henrys court, terrible things are happening. Queen Eleanor is not only stirring up revolt against her husband, but rumour has it that she has also poisoned the Kings favourite mistress, Rosamund Clifford. In a race against time to prove Eleanors innocence, Adelia is recruited to help. It isnt easy. An assassin is at large and so is Queen Eleanor with an army of supporters. Adelia has never faced greater danger. The armies that might cause civil war lie behind her. The icy winds of a dreadful winter blow around her. And ahead she must brave the thorns of the impenetrable labyrinth that surrounds Fair Rosamunds tower, and decipher the mystery of the dead woman who lies frozen within.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Deckare Serie: Adelia Aguilar: 2

Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Random House UK
Utgiven: 2011-01-27
Längd: 11T 53M
ISBN: 9781446454794

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