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The Everything Gnostic Gospels Book

The Everything Gnostic Gospels Book

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The books of the Bible are not the only ancient writings to tell the stories of Jesus and his followers - other Gnostic texts have also been found as well. The Everything Gnostic Gospels Book provides an overview of Gnosticism and the historical figures who are believed to be the authors: Thomas, James, Mary Magdalene, and others. This accessible guide explores the following questions:What do Gnostics believe?Who were the authors of the Gnostic Gospels?How are the Bible scriptures and Gnostic Gospels different? How are they the same?How were "official" Christian texts chosen?Learn about the different versions of Christianity that battled for supremacy in the first centuries after the death of Jesus. This entertaining and educational book describes each of the Gnostic Gospels, providing insight into the turbulent times of early Christianity as well as the renewed contemporary interest in these mysterious writings.
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Förlag: Adams Media
Utgiven: 2007-02-12
ISBN: 9781605502847

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