He Who Would Valiant Be

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Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin was the last Military leader of Great Britain to serve throughout the entire duration of WW2. A career that culminated in his role as head of the British Armed Forces and a seat in the victorious Cabinet of Prime Minister Thatcher that restored British Sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. This important book is the very first step on that career path. Since the time of Nelson Midshipmen in the Royal Navy were obliged to keep a Journal, a record of the life, events and actions of the ship in which they served. Terry Lewin was posted as a 19-years old to HMS Valiant, a Jutland-era battleship in December 1930. This book faithfully reproduces his hand-written record of the first year of the War seen from a ship at sea. All Midshipmen kept a journal, not all Midshipmen went on to influence the development of the modern Navy to the extent achieved by Terry Lewin. This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in WW2, and life in the Royal Navy.
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