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George Bettinger’s Mom & Pop Shop Interviews & Variety

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George Bettingers Mom & Pop Shop InterviewsComedian and radio personality George Bettinger talked with Emmy winning actress-comedienne Lilly Tomlin (Laugh-In) just after she received her Kennedy Center Honors Award. Tomlin, who currently stars opposite Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston in the “hit” Netflix original series Grace and Frankie, is just one of ten “rare and unedited” celebrity interviews in this collection: Madeline KahnJulie NewmarRose MarieRobert MorseJudy TenutaButch PatrickMichael LearnedKathy GarverDrew FriedmanLilly Tomlin“These are exclusive and unique interviews I have archived over the years. My radio show “The Mom & Pop Shop” can be heard internationally on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 4 PM (est) on - George BettingerIn 1982 George Bettinger got started in TV with Movie Magic, a series he wrote, produced and hosted. Movie Magic (later The George Bettinger Show) ran on Manhattan Cable Television from 1982 - 1987. It was cartoons, comedy and fun. Soupy Sales said, “George made him think of himself when he was young.” During the making of Movie Magic, George was also appearing on The Joe Franklin Show and The Uncle Floyd Show. Next he moved on to doing radio and TV commercials. Soon he was producing and directing corporate training films for companies such as Pfizer, Hoffman LaRoche, The Cancer Institute and Maimonides Medical Center.His CDs have been given fine mention in The Daily News, New York Post and Herald Tribune newspapers. Currently George is teaching acting, creative writing and continuing to host LIVE shows.You can hear George Bettinger LIVE on his internet radio show “The Mom & Pop Shop” Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 4:00 pm EDT and 1:00 PM Pacific on show is a entertaining mixture of classic & rare music and features zany comedy skits with his unique impersonations. He is an engaging personality and takes pleasure in sharing his vast knowledge about the golden age of show business. The beauty of the show is that it links nostalgia with immediacy of the Internet. The ever growing fan base of The Mom & Pop Shop have really taken to the unique opportunity to interact with the show in real time using the Facebook group page. Requests, friendships & family fun are made everyday in George Bettingers Mom & Pop Shop!George Bettingers Mom & Pop Variety ShopThe Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Three Stooges, and Soupy Sales are just some of the legendary “funsters” Music and Comedy For The Whole Family Perfect on Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas, Chanukah, All Year. Like old time radio and TV with a modern twist! Curlys Gormet Coffee FitWhether PrognosticationJerry Bazooka LewisLaurel & Hardy Partake in a ShakeJack Benny Sings Jeepers CreepersThe Professors Time MachineSoupy Visits The ShopJoe Fishy And SnowmanLaurel & Hardy in the BronxJerry Lewis Meets Count DrekulaW.C. Fields Health Food and MoviesJackie Masons Egg CreamJoe Fishy Sings!Phone Messages to Use At HomeGeorge & Gracie Sing Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerDefinitely the EndGeorge Bettinger says “Make sure you laugh a little every day, it is important and can change the way you feel.” As a lover of The Golden Days Of Show Business, George Bettinger brings all the greats of the old days into the New Millennium. Naturally this is a new world for them. The Three Stooges Are At Starbucks Drinking Slap-a-chinos, Laurel & Hardy Get Lost In The Bronx, and The Marx Bros encounter a time machine. This is a nifty cut for it allows Bettinger to do his middle aged Groucho impersonation and his uncanny 80 year old Groucho. For those who grew up in the 50s and 60s with TV Hosts like Soupy Sales, “The Mom & Pop Shop” will bring back great memories. For Kids and Teens it is all new. It is wonderful for Christmas because George & Gracie Sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer along with James Cagney, Ed Wynn and Mae West. It is a blast at Halloween because Jerry Lewis visits Count Dracula. George Bettinger has gotten wonderful reviews and mentions in THE DAILY NEWS, THE NEW YORK POST And THE NEW YORK TIMES. There is nothing like “The Mom & pop Variety Shop” It is totally original and will brighten your day. According to Bettinger; “At first I thought Baby Boomers would be the ones who enjoy it the most, but I have been hearing from young people in their 20s who have worn out the CD, so I guess it is for all ages.” Treat yourself or buy it as a gift for a friend.George Bettinger started out in show business on The Joe Franklin Show. Joe loved his impressions and invited him on his television program 9 times. Later George became Joe Franklins “Man Of 1,000 Voices” on his W.O.R. overnight radio program. George was a regular on the show each week. In addition to impersonations, George wrote, co-produced and acted as field segment reporter for Joe Franklin. During this time Bettinger was in popular demand for radio and television commercials. He appeared in many memorable commercials, his favorite being the voice of the Red M&M. George created a radio program called “The Mom & Pop Shop” that is currently every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on It is broadcast internationally. Georges guests on the program have been Lily Tomlin, Sonny Rollins, Gilbert Gottfried, Kevin Meaney, Judy Tenuta, Debra Jo Rupp, Robert Klein, Rose Marie and Robert Morse to name a few. The Mom & Pop Radio program has been featured on NBC and ABC Network News.Waterlogg Productions is a full service audio/video entertainment company, founded in 2002 by husband and wife creative duo Joe Bevilacqua & Lorie Kellogg. Together they have been responsible for over 150 titles distributed exclusively by Blackstone Audio. Check out their website at
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