Journey thru the Unknown - Murray Langston

Journey thru the Unknown

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The memoir of Murray Langston, a.k.a. “The Unknown Comic,” is a detailed account of the highlights and lowlights of each year of his life, from June 27, 1944 until his sixtyninth birthday on June 27, 2013. It’s the story of how a poor kid from Montreal, being influenced by Jerry Lewis, longed to follow in his funny steps and somehow leave Canada and make it to Hollywood. Spiced with humor, drama, and enough celebrities to warrant the alternate title NameDroppers, Journey thru the Unknown offers many surprising revelations, including Murray being threatened by Frank Sinatra, partying all night with Elvis Presley, spending Christmas Eve with Lucille Ball, watching Bob Hope’s Christmas show when he was in the military and working with him twenty years later, attending the Academy Awards, doubledating with Robin Williams, appearing with Patrick Swayze in his first film, hanging out at Steve Martin’s house, playing practical jokes on Carol Burnett, befriending David Letterman on his first arrival to Los Angeles, holding Kate Hudson when she was only weeks old, hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, costarring with Jim Carrey in his very first television appearance. These and many, many more stories are included.
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Förlag: Blackstone Audio
Utgiven: 2015-05-05
Längd: 11T 19M
ISBN: 9781483022222

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