The Betrayal of British Industry - J. Brian Heywood

The Betrayal of British Industry

The Betrayal of British Industry

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This short book is written by a retired businessman. It concentrates mainly on his personal experiences working as a management consultant/investigator for departments of the British Government and major British companies. His theme is that British Industry was repeatedly let down by the British Government and that this has resulted in lost industries and jobs. He goes into detail about several of these disasters and includes documentary evidence to support his claims. He argues that allowing the USA and the EU to control certain aspects of the British economy has resulted in major problems for current and future generations in Britain. He then goes on to describe the lengths that other countries, inside and outside the EU, have gone to in order to protect their industries.Whilst indicating that he might have done more at the time to publicise one or two of these incidents he goes on to describe some of the failed efforts he made to make small and medium sized British companies more aware of the problems they faced. He points out that at least two large British organisations have now begun campaigning to make sure that British Governments in future only act in the interests of the British people. Finally, he asks that people who experienced other incidents where the British Government failed to protect the interests of the British people to get their true stories published.
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Utgiven: 2015-04-23
ISBN: 9781783017218

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