Uri Geller: Magician or Mystic?

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Jonathan Margoliss biography of Uri Geller, the controversial spoon-bending and mind-reading performer, was the first to examine dispassionately whether the former Israeli paratrooper is a talented magician or something altogether more mysterious - perhaps even an authentic paranormalist. Reviews Superstitious atheists will find this book toxic. Jonathan Margolis clearly spooked himself writing it and I got an attack of the creeps one night just reading it. - Evening Standard Uris ability to perform amazing feats of mental wizardry is known the world over...Uri is not a magician. He is using capabilities that we all have and can develop with exercise and practice. - Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon I think Uri is a magician, but I dont particularly believe that he is using trickery. I believe there are psychic abilities. They dont accord with any science we have at the moment, but maybe some future science will back them up with theories. - Brian Josephson, Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, 1973 Uri bent a spoon for me. The first time he did, I thought there must be a trick. The second time I was stunned - completely, completely stunned and amazed. It just bent in my hand. Ive never seen anything like it. It takes a lot to impress me. Uri Geller is for real and anyone who doesnt recognise that is either deluding himself, or he is a very sad person. - David Blaine Geller has bent my ring in the palm of my hand without ever touching it. Personally, I have no scientific explanation for the phenomenon. - Werner Von Braun I came to this book a rationalist and a skeptic. Yet, open-mindedness requires me to report that Jonathan Margolis carefully researched, scrupulously detailed and even-handed exploration of Uri Gellers paranormal capacities suggests some of our current scientific understandings will need radical revision in the next century. - The Jewish Chronicle A brilliant book - nine out of ten. - Channel 4 A fascinating, unaided, open-minded account of a great modern puzzle. - Mail on Sunday An even-handed and assiduously researched work... something close to a definitive assessment. - New Statesman
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Förlag: Vearsa - Apostrophe Books Ltd
Utgiven: 2013-12-12
Antal sidor: 320
ISBN: 9781910167212

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