From Coldwar Communism to the Global Emancipatory Movement

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Boaventura de Sousa Santos says: 'This is an admirable memoir of an intellectual activist who has lived most intensely the progressive struggles of the last sixty years of world history, because despite being born in Europe, Peter, in the best tradition of communist internationalism, participated in struggles and movements, not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Africa and most recently in Latin America. But this is much more than a memoir. It is so well documented that in this personal experience there are reflected some of the most decisive events of contemporary history. It is a living history book. But even more than this, this book is so clearly and vividly written that at times it reads like the script for an imaginary documentary of our times. This book should be read by all concerned with our recent history in order to get a much more complex inside view of what happened while it was happening. In particular it should be read by the youth in order to get a close-up of the difficulties and possibilities in building another possible world at a time where there existed a vibrant international communist movement. It is up to such youth to evaluate whether difficulties are now or more daunting, the possibilities less of more luminous.'
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Utgiven: 2014-12-12
ISBN: 9781783016235

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