Road Trip America 1975 - E.D.

Road Trip America 1975

Road Trip America 1975

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In the summer of 1975, driving an old VW Beetle, two young female students, both free spirits, drove across the United States, through the Deep South, down into Mexico and then on to California and the west coast of America. This is the story of their adventures. Staying in a Salvation Army Girls' Hostel in Atlanta, they spent the night with young women just out of prison who thought E.D and Ellie were also in trouble. They listened to jazz in New Orleans and slept in a village compound in Mexico. In San Miguel Del Allende, they bumped into an old friend and then were picked up by two young Mexican students, who took them down to Mexico City to show them the sights. Then they headed back to the United States and just avoided being raped on a beautiful deserted beach. They stayed on a ranch in Arizona and rode cow ponies across the desert. They picked up extraordinary hitchhikers, stayed in a posh part of San Francisco and finally ended up as guests at a Hell's Angel commune outside Eugene, Oregon. When they finally sold their old car for the same price they had bought it, E.D and Ellie were sick of each other's company, and took separate Greyhound buses back east. Throughout that summer trip, E.D. kept a very candid diary in which she recorded their adventures. Road Trip America 1975 shows a world before AIDS, before the internet and mobile phones, when you could set off on a journey and have no contact with home for weeks on end and no one would worry. This will be enjoyed by anyone who dreams of setting off on the open road and driving all the way across America.
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Utgiven: 2014-12-06
ISBN: 9780992814021

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